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Introducing The GX Series

Ultra-compact, Rugged Industrial Chargers

GX Series

Innovative Industrial Chargers

The GX Series is one of the most innovative and advanced battery chargers in its class. Achieving a 92% efficiency level, the GX Series is a powerful, 960 Watt, smart battery charger in a ultra-compact design. It's designed for 24V, 36V and 48V applications, such as pallet jacks, lift trucks, aerial lifts, golf carts, and other industrial equipment.

Waterproof and Tamperproof

Ultra-compact, rugged, tamperproof, and waterproof, the industrial charger can be mounted directly onto a variety of surfaces or equipment. Features spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Charges 2X faster than ordinary chargers. Stay connected 24/7 with zero overcharge.


Versatile Performance

The GX Series UltraSafe Industrial Battery Charger is available in 24V, 36V and 48V, ideal for charging and maintaining industrial vehicles and equipment, like golf carts, scissor lifts, utility and electric vehicles. The GX Series is dirt, water, UV, impact and crush resistant.

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Advanced Technology

The GX Series represents that latest technology for prolonging battery life and extending battery run time. They are optimized to Stabilize internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity, and to minimize energy consumption when full power is not needed.

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Multiple Modes

Features multiple charging modes for Wet Cell, AGM, and Lithium-Ion from its push button interface, waterproof aluminum enclosure, detachable and replaceable A/C and D/C cords, and suitable for all types of deep-cycle batteries. It also features a Repair Mode for advanced desulfation and Supply Mode for deeply discharged batteries and equalization charging.

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