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Power Sport Batteries

Power Sports Batteries

GNB carries a full line of Power-Sonic Super Sport batteries to meet all of your power sport needs. GNB Power Sport batteries can be used for motorcycles, lawn & garden machines, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, and golf carts.

Sealed Motorcycle Batteries

For minimum maintenance, sealed motorcycle batteries feature gas recombination technology, which permits the battery to be resealed after it is filled with acid. In addition, special negative plates never give off gas during normal charging conditions. The result? Virtually maintenance-free batteries that never spill and damage your equipment! Plus, these batteries require fewer charges and last longer.

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Motorcycle Sealed

Unsealed Motorcycle Batteries

For Maximum Starting Power and Easy Maintenance, Unsealed Motorcycle Batteries feature advanced separator and through-the-partition construction to shorten the current path and reduce resistance. The result? Boosted cranking power. Battery staying power is increased too: a special lead/calcium alloy reduces shelf discharge and maximizes staying power, even after months of storage.

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Motorcycle Unsealed

Personal Watercraft Batteries

GNB's personal watercraft batteries are ready to go when you are. Used in jet skis, sea-doos, and personal Polaris or Yamaha brand vehicles, these marine batteries can handle any activity that you throw at it. All GNB marine batteries are shock resistant and utilize a heat-sealed cover to withstand wave-pounding vibration. Our marine batteries also use a spill-proof valve system to prevent gas and oil leakage. GNB marine batteries let you spend more time on the water. Available in two sizes.

Personal Watercraft

Lawn and Garden Batteries

GNB Systems offers a fine selection of lawn & garden batteries for you're seasonal needs. Designed to be ultra-low maintenance, utilizing specialized grid alloys, limiting excess water loss during cycling. MAGNUM Lawn & Garden batteries provide you with dependable cranking power and long life season after season.

Lawn and Garden
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